Quality checks and tests

Test in german print magazins.

Testing and testing or selection of the material

Our parts suppliers are all recognized companies that have been active in the bicycle industry for X years. Alone this fact usually excludes a high complaint rate. Nowhere is the material really more burdened than here. Extreme demands on the material show every little mistake. This is our most important action. Nevertheless, further measures are necessary to ensure good quality.

Here is the scope of our overall measures:

Frame tests (in which specific stiffness test with the WCR Solution)
After manufacturing inspection of the processing and the actual geometry data and their offset.
Pipe sets (Alu 7005) of the highest quality.
Fork tests by our suppliers.
Testing of the material in relation to the hubs / Wearability in Cooperation our Crossteams.
Use without exception high quality spokes - intensive cooperation with Sapim.
Processing through the best and proven rim quality.
Stiffness test (by recognized practice laboratories)
All wheels spoked by hand and measured with Tensiometer.
Groups invariably from reliable manufacturers.
Painting at a very high level in the meantime.
Testing our parts through racing by our Crossteam.
Feedback and influence of our customers.
Annual development