Produkt News 2022

Classified Power Shift System

In addition to our conventional groupsets from Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM, we are now supplementing the groups with the Classified System. The advantage here lies in particular with mono-crank systems. E.g. you install a crank with 44 chainring and a cassette with 11-34. By installing the Classified Powershift hub, you can now turn the Mono back into a double system. This again achieves a similar gear ratio, which can, however, be switched under full load and the bike can also be graded more individually. By mounting a different mono chain ring.

Here is how it works

Through a compatible shifter or satellite button, a shifting command is sent to the handlebar unit. The
handlebar unit wirelessly transmits the shifting command to the smart thru axle using Bluetooth. The
smart thru axle transfers the power needed for shifting and the shifting command to the powershift
hub. The shifting takes place internally within the Powershift hub.
The smart thru axle transmits your current gear ratio and battery status to your GPS bike computer
(not included) using ANT +. Consult the handbook of your bike computer for more information.
The Powershift hub has two gears:

A 1: 1 ratio where the speed of the cassette is equal to the speed of the wheel. This is similar to the
large chain ring on a traditional 2x.

A 0.686 ratio (reduction ratio), where the speed of the wheel is lower than the speed of the cassette. This is similar to the small chainring on a traditional 2x.
Shifting from 1: 1 to the reduction ratio is like shifting from the large to the small chainring on a
traditional 2x.


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