national Shipping & Worldwide Shipping

  1. Important: We do not have all international shipping costs in the system. Therefore, you may not be able to complete the order. You then have to make the order by mail to send. We will then inform you separately about the shipping costs.
  2. Basically

    All parts are properly packaged before shipment.

    Check if you get the package if the package is undamaged.Damage to the package should be present. Let die by forwarder confirm and pick up the carton for the proof.

    Note the name of driver, Forwarder the sign of the car and the damage of the parcel. Store the parcel.


  3. Return transport

by return transport you must packing the goods 1a. Therefore store your the carton. Any we pay the cost for return transport (by Claim!)In case it is claim we send you an shop return label by mail. Unfettered return we dont accept.


  1. Shipping complete bikes

    We send the complete bikes with 2 cartons. One is the frameset and one is the wheelsets. After unpacking the goods you must fixing only

    - gearhanger

    - mount the wheelset in the framset

    - fixing the handlebar on the stem

    - mount seatpost / saddle on the frame.

    - short manuals incl. mini tool we delivery including.

    Finaly the complete bike is ready for driving.


  2. Inland and International shipping costs /

    Certain freight costs (weight) have been allocated to the respective articles.Normaly the price for this are correct. But sometime the system calculate the high cost for freight (almost for spokes!). In this case we calculate the correct cost for freight. If you pay to much in advance we transfer the money return. It is valid By all payment vision. But sometime the system calculate the price for option letter. In case the good are to big or the value, the we must send with the option parcel. Then the cost for transport is higher. All any case we inform before we deliver.


  3. shipping abroad /No shipping costs are displayed when ordering.We deliver wolrdwide. For some european Country we have calculate the basic freightcost. But not for all. The reason why we make not this for all country is: The cost for transport with our forwarder is sometime to high. We search for you then the cheapest and best way to transport the goods in your country (maybe with another forwarder).

    We need from you then: full delivers adress, the goods what you like, how fast you need the goods. With this dates we can calculate the freight and we make a offer for you. Please let us know the informations by mail.