Gunsha RCC 3.0

Gunsha RCC Cyclocross 1.2 Tapered Design

Origininal Race Frame in Tapered Design. .  Triple butted Alloy 7005 ,  Double  Smooth welding building.


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Gunsha RCC 3.0

 From the experience of racing we have developed the RCC 3.0. Even better processing thanks to Double Smooth Welding process and subsequent plan loop to give a high degree of frame construction. The angles agree perfectly and allows perfect handling in all situations.


Shimano Di2/Campa Eps

The 3.0 has already been prefabricated for an internal cable routing for electronic switching systems. The inputs to the down tube or output on the chain stay but we finished only when necessary.


Our geometry has proved very successful in all the races over the years. Therefore, we have carried out a fine-tuning here.
The optimally tuned control and seat angle in the combination of the short top tube (classical design) gives a framework of both is very agile, as also guaranteed a good propulsion. Also, the driving feel and directional stability in the combination of full carbon tapered fork (not included) doing a rest added for a perfect matched frame system.

You can find information on the fork here:



Stability informations: 

The frame was made ​​in the Double Smooth Welding process. The double weld gives more strength, stability and, ultimately, more durability. Other measures: 35 mm seat tube, S-band rear stays, flat top tube finally guarantee perfect results.

Spezielle Features für den Rennsport:

Nochmals  überarbeiteter Hinterbau bietet Vorteile bei extrem schlammigen Böden. D.h. Sitzstreben in S-Band Bauweise, Querstreben welche näher am Innenlager bzw. am Sitzrohr geschweißt wurden bieten wesentlich mehr Platz für das Hinterrad. Bremsgegenhalter mit Stellschraube inklusiv. Sie brauchen keine extra Stellschraube mehr zwischen den Bowdenzügen montieren. Flaches bewährtes Oberrohr für angenehmeres "Schultern".



triple butted 7005 aluminum, CNC machined headtube for 1 1/8 - 1 1/2 inch integrated headset, flat top tube. The down tube and top tube is produced in hydro construction.

Derailleur hanger CNC machined design brings in more durability.


Innenlager und Bowdenführung:

We use in cyclocross frame on BSA bottom bracket. Since we have found that the durability of the bearing with sleeves (eg Hollowtech II or Campy Ultra Torque) is much better than in BB30 or press-fit bearings. The cables are routed classic. Reason: The durability of the frame relative total weight of this variant is much better. Internal relocation would mean more weight. For optimum shifting and braking operations, we offer 100% sealed Bowden cable. See here:



Colours: see options.

type of painting: powder coating with labels in digitial under the clearpainting. 


Weight:  ab 1460 Gr.

Garanty 5 years


Scope of supply: screw f rear, derailleur hanger, pulley, 3M foil for chainstay.

Note: Bottom bracket is already shaved. Respectively. see also options.




RCC 3.0 Geometrie Highend lightweight Race Triple Butted Alloy 7005 Race Frameset, Double Smooth Welding System Tapered Design   
(A) Rahmenhöhe52 cm54 cm56 cm58 cm60 cm62 cm    
(A)Sitzrohr (TL Mitte/ Ende Rohr)52 cm54 cm56 cm58 cm60 cm62 cm    
(B) Sitzrohr (TL Mitte/ Mitte Oberrohr Rohr)48 cm50cm52 cm54 cm56 cm58 cm    
(C)Oberrohr ( Mitte/ Mitte)51,1 cm52,0 cm53,3 cm54,4 cm55,9 cm57,4 cm    
(D)Oberrohr (virtuell gerade)51,5 cm52,3 cm53,7 cm54,8 cm56,3 cm57,8 cm    
(E) Steuerrohr10,5 cm11,5 cm 13,0 cm15,0 cm17,0 cm19,0 cm    
(F) Steuerrohr Winkel71°72 °72 °72 °72 °72 °    
(G)Sitzrohr Winkel74,0°73,5°73°73°73°73°    
(H) Hinterbaulänge42,5 cm42,5 cm42,5 cm42,5 cm42,5 cm42,5 cm    
(J) Differenzhöhe Tretlager / Achse5,3 cm5,3 cm5,3 cm

5,3 cm


5,3 cm5,3 cm    
(K) Radstandlänge98,5 cm 98,9 cm 99,9 cm101 cm102,5 cm104,1 cm    
Sattelstützmaß/außen31,6 mm31,6 mm31,6 mm31,6 mm31,6 mm31,6 mm    
Steuerohrdurchmesser Außen (Oben/Unten)46/56 mm46/56 mm46/56 mm46/56 mm46/56 mm     
Steuersatzmaß (integriert)B51,9xH8 &41,8xH8 mmB51,9xH8 &41,8xH8 mmB51,9xH8 &41,8xH8 mmB51,9xH8 &41,8xH8 mmB51,9xH8 &41,8xH8 mmB51,9xH8 &41,8xH8 mm    
Sitzrohr Durchmesser34,9 mm34,9 mm34,9 mm34,9 mm34,9 mm34,9 mm    
Oberrohrmaß38x 31 (flach)38x 31 (flach)38x 31 (flach)38x 31 (flach)38x 31 (flach)38x 31 (flach)    
Innenlagermaß (BSA)68 mm68 mm68 mm68 mm68 mm68 mm    
Flaschenhalter:2 Stück2 Stück2 Stück2 Stück2 Stück2 Stück    
Innenmaß in Höhe des Reifens unten/oben:50 /60 mm50 /60 mm50 /60 mm50 /60 mm50 /60 mm50 /60 mm    
Stege am Hinterbau (Sitzstrebe/Kettenstrebe)jeweils 1x mit Ösejeweils 1x mit Ösejeweils 1x mit Ösejeweils 1x mit Ösejeweils 1x mit Ösejeweils 1x mit Öse    
Positionen der Stege auf Anfrage.          
Di2 & Campa EPS ReadyJaJaJaJaJaJa    
Di2 & Campa EPS Ready          
Einbaubreite130 mm130 mm130 mm130 mm130 mm130 mm    
Cantilever Sockel622/700 C – 28 Zoll622/700 C – 28 Zoll622/700 C – 28 Zoll622/700 C – 28 Zoll622/700 C – 28 Zoll     
Schaltauge & Umlenkrolleincl.         
Farben:Matt weiss/schwarz/rot/h-grau, Matt schwarz/weiss,rot/h-grau, matt rot/weiss, schwarz/h-grau    

Frame color
Frame equipment
Elvedes Duraline Brake and Shifters Cables 100% waterproof. (+EUR 46,99) :
fork adapter for 11/8 inch use for Frame with 11/2 inch steertube (+EUR 7,89) :
Fixing drill 3 holes for Di2/Campa EBS (+EUR 19,04) :
Fork l WCC Tapered & Headset (OEM Price) (+EUR 209,09) :
Seatclame (+EUR 3,75) :
Replacement Gearhanger RCC/ATR (+EUR 9,40) :
Screw f derailleur - Jagwire (+EUR 4,60) :
Brakecableholder CNC /fixing front of the fork (+EUR 24,89) :
Bottom Brake plan milling (+EUR 7,50) :
Steertube milling (down)& Headset proforma fixing (+EUR 11,90) :
Special Color (let us know the RAL Number) & 21 Workingdaysays (+EUR 119,00) :
Fork in frame color / decor (if required, please specify with Yes) or if special color please specify color (RAL) (+EUR 39,00) :