Gunsha CX & Offroad Graveldays 2018

on 21.09-23.09.2018 the Gunsha CX Days take place again. This is already the seventh CX Race and Gravel & MTB Offroad Marathon.

Eeasy Going Hightlight Tours
We will expand the supporting program this year. In addition to the marathon, we will be offering two guided easy going off-road tours on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Thus, we extend the range of tours. As in the marathon, we will offer you real highlight here.

Technique training
Yannick Mayer (Worldcup cyclocrosser) and Uli Theobald (national champion Cross and former national coach BaWü MTB) will be doing a special driving technique training on Saturday mornings. The participants are divided into two groups. That Beginners and real cyclcrossers are specially trained and instructed here. Yannick and Uli are also supported by experienced athletes from the Gunsha-KMC team.
Workshop technique.

Also planned is either Friday evening or Saturday noon a workshop on technology or news in the field of bicycle construction.

Party Time

After the race, the Gravel Zoigl Party will take place during the award ceremony. The Gunsha racing team is also celebrating its tenth anniversary here.
Offroad Gravelbike Marathon on Sundays

The highlight of the event is the Gunsha Stiftland Offroad Gravel / MTB Tour on Sunday. As last year, there will again be three marked routes (85/55/15 km). Due to the very positive response we will not change the track. The routes again include natural highlights of the region

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